Monday, February 9, 2009

seize the day

We met a man who runs a training facility for sea men. Part of the training they do is learning how to evacuate the ship in times of disaster. After a few whiskys we were able to convince him that this was the very thing that we needed training in. Of course our life raft is nothing like what the big ship boys use...but we knew it was going to be knee knocking fun.
When we arrived on site we first had to sign waivers, then we were given the step by step briefing. Once that was finished we donned overalls, raincoats, gumboots and life jackets. We then clumped our way up several flights of steps and proceded to wedge ourselves into our seats. With our seat belts pulled as tight as could be we were unable to move at all. Then the man in charge asked "all okay back there". With our answers being in the affirmative, the all clear was given, the release mechanism was released and for a brief instant we were in free fall, before the vessel went under the water, then bobbed to the surface. The whole thing took seconds, but the buzz it generated in us lasted for hours.

It is not something I want to do again, but I am glad we did it.
Neither of us needed a change of underwear.............

After this experience we partook of another, more familar water activity. A hoon in a rescue jet boat.....YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO