Monday, March 15, 2010

The Tea Party...Kitagi Island Japan

Say the words Afternoon Tea Party and to his Kiwi it conjures up visions of fine china, fancy cakes, delicate sandwhiches, freshly brewed tea.
We had already been entertained by the three fellows we had dubbed as The Three Musketeer at a (homemade) pizza party return we had had a dessert party...(pavalova, lamingtons, chocolate self saucing pudding, lemon meringue pie....)
We had named these three...Mr.Happy, Mr.Smooth and Mr.KisseyKisseyand now....
Please come tea party my house, siad Mr.Happy. Okay we said and at the correct time arrived to be greeted at the door by our host clad in the appropriate japanese attire. We had another marvelous time with lots of laughter,thoroughly enjoying the fancy Japanese cakes and special tea and throwing peanuts at the winter devil......Wait isnt that what you usually do at a tea party ......NO Well thats what we did. It is a ceremony where you THROW out the Winter Devil and welcome in was another one of those very special times.


Get Mr.KisseyKissey to make a really nice dough.
Get Mr.Smooth to roll it out to fit the pan
Put dough into pan. If doing rolled cheese filled crust and the rolled edge will not stick to the base, then pour in some red wine, add usual toppings.
Pop pizza into MR.Happy designed and built oven.
Drink some more red wine and enjoy pizza when it is cooked.

I wish I could include photos of the special times we spent here...maybe next time