Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spelling mistakes

After I have typed out the item, I then check it for spelling mistakes.....
I have decided I absolutely hate these self correcting machines......yes I know it's user error......
But it is frustrating.
So in future I decline to be responsible for any errors:)

Taiwan 2011

This lovely country once again came up to our expectations.....
With our friends we circumnavigated Taiwan...but it was on land via train, bus and taxi..and so we do not think we can enter these miles down in our cruising log.
Since arriving here we have taken part in two sailing regattas.....the one in Keelung went quite smoothly but the one in Kaohsuing was beset with starting fiascos......but hey..we continued to follow the yachts we thought were sailing in the right direction and yep they knew where they were going at least we finished.
Www have just purchased and Brian has installed two new solar panels. Almost overnight our original panels stopped generating and upon inspection the sealant around the fittings going into the panels had broken down sufficiently enough to allow salt water to penetrate.
And today we had to purchase two more batteries......
Oh yes we also had to purchase a multi meter........hands up those people who knew that multi meters can NOT swim.......mmmm, yes and Brian now knows this also.!!!!!,!,
Tomorrow we hope to start heading south........the winds will be against us, but they seemed to be that way inclined when we came up and they were meant to be with us. so will just wait and see.
We have had a small but expensive change of plans and we will be flying home for six to eight weeks........and no it is not just to cool down.
Safe sailing