Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kitagi Island Seto Nakai Japan

At last the repairs are 99% finished, the cruising permits are in order, the Alien cards are tucked away in our wallets and we are once again ready to cast off and continue with our adventure.
We have had a very enjoyable time here. The island, (like so many other islands in Japan), has an aging population. Once it was a thriving granite mining and manufacture of granite products island. It must have been very busy and well populated. In the port we are at there are two very large schools, one closed down and the other to close at the end of the year, and one closed down kindergarten type of place. And there is at least one other port with the same type of buildings standing empty.
But the people are friendly. We had an open day on Charioteer the other day...we announced it over the towns public address system.. and we had about 30 people come to visit. It was a great day. Only wish we had done it earlier on.
Once again sorry for the lack of photos