Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday delights

The sky was blue, the sun shone and the fish just begged to be caught. grand daughter Tayla caught two Blue Cod but would not have anything to do with them once they got within reach of the landing net. Tayla likes her fish with chips and tomato sauce....not jumping in a bucket with several others.
My birthday sail was a success. No one was seasick and we did some gentle sailing that all the grand daughters enjoyed......even though we could not grant the request to ' do donuts like daddy does'!!!! ( Daddy has a very fast Malibu waterski/ wakeboard boat.)
Summer has been here for three days........but today it moved somewhere else :(
Brian is still busy getting at the rust...but is winning the battle. I am riding my bike to town rather then using the car, and a bit of gentle weight lifting in the to keep the fitness up.
The kitchen refurbishments are going well. And after a discussion with the paint shop man and Brian I am painting the fence a warm pinky/ pumpkin colour. I did want to do it burnt orange but they talked me out of it... :( but at least it will not be the normal boring colour. :)
All is well in the land of the long white cloud.....marmite, fish and chips, pie and tomato sauce, milkshakes, cheese,beetroot, grand daughters hugs...... :). :)
Hope life is good for you
love and hugs

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